This is one woman's take on New York. Having lived in the East Village and Greenpoint, and worked in Chinatown and Flatiron, I am in the know of my own domains. So, these are the places I'd send friends visiting...


Rich Lane: Shout out for becoming my neighborhood spot. Always a good vibe and playlist, nice for meeting friends, a date, or going solo. (Williamsburg)

Night of Joy: Excellent happy hour, excellent cocktails, excellent cute roof, excellent interior design like someone's grandma's house. (Williamsburg)

Allswell: For both food/drink. $3 tecates but $12 cocktails? Maybe best fries in town. (Williamsburg)

Battery Harris: A good spot for a group to show up drunk and hungry and eat delicious crap like jamaican jerk wings and fries, pulled pork, drink dark and stormys and if you stay past food, it's a dance party. (Williamsburg)

Brooklyn Bowl: My home away from home. Brings in all the New Orleans funk and brass bands. People bowl there! They have dank food, it's never too crowded, and you can always go front row (if you want). (Williamsburg)

Sugarburg: A consistent spot for meeting people, late night food, first dates - normal food with a southern twang, and good bar selection. (Williamsburg)

Iona's: They have a ping pong table in the back garden. (Williamsburg)

Lucky Dog: They allow dogs! And have a back garden. (Williamsburg)

Enid's: Hit or miss! Sometimes it's a sweaty hip-hop infused dance party, and sometimes it is not. My guess = Saturdays better than Fridays. (Greenpoint)

Matchless: Great 2-for-1 deal on Tuesdays. Sometimes they play really loud rock/screaming music, so know your audience. (Greenpoint)

Huckleberry: Good cocktails, nice back garden. (Williamsburg)

Radegast: One of the many beer gardens, they have reliable food and it's big enough to pretty much always get a table. (Williamsburg)

Spritzenhaus: Another beer garden, family and dog friendly (outdoor tables). Good spot. (Greenpoint)

Berry Park: Big bar with a good size roof, really great views, and pretty good food. Drinks are not cheap, so don't stay all night. (Williamsburg)

Northern Territory: Another bar with a roof/view. Tasty brunch food, really delicious steak and eggs. (Greenpoint)

Brooklyn Barge: This is a great spot - though now it's getting crowded. It's the Brooklyn answer to Manhattan's Frying Pan aka boat day drinking with city skyline views.

Hot Bird: My favorite after work summer Friday bar. Cash only! (Clinton Hill)

Royal Palms Shuffleboard: Great for groups, tons of games, kind of expensive but very strong drinks. (Gowanus)

Threes Brewery: Nice beer garden spot, good food too. (Gowanus)

Union Hall: The sweaty dance party you want. (Gowanus)

Union Pool: Always get the Union bars confused. This is a weekend favorite for people below the age of 23. If you're above 23, go on the weekdays when it's chill because they're a taco truck, photobooth, often live music, and great location. (Williamsburg)

Brooklyn Crab: Red Hook is coming into fashion and this place is bomb. All the shellfish, fries, corn hole, and pitchers of beer you want. (Red Hook)

Rue B: My old go-to. Excellent happy hour, excellent cocktails, live music around 8pm, perfect for dates. (East Village)

Drop Off Service: Another go-to for beer. $3 beers during happy hour! (East Village)

Ace Bar: All the games, all the beer + shot specials. (East Village)

Revision: Always a dance party. (East Village)

dba: They allow dogs and have a great beer selection. (East Village)

Mona's: Cheap, with bar games. (East Village)

Niagara: This is the place you go past 1am when you're not ready to go home and you want to dance. (East Village)

The Wayland: Good cocktails, gets crowded. (East Village)

Lorelay: Another beer hall, if it's crowded it's not fun, otherwise - fun. (Lower East Side)

Flatiron Hall: Good place for after work drinks, if you work near there. Always crowded, go for the beer selection but pleasantly surprised by moscow mules and martinis there.

All of the West Village: It's so clean and cute there, I rarely go because I am never showered enough, but when I go, it's always to ball out in nice shoes.

All of the LES: From age 18-23, the LES was my jam. I was always too drunk to know the names of any bars or have an opinion on what's worth going to. Now I'm too old to do shots and bar hop the LES.


Cafe Mogador: This is my all time favorite restaurant in NYC. It is consistent, crowded but not to the point of can't go, perfect for every season, every meal and every combo of people. Family, friends, dates, alone - I would eat breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner here if I could. Williamsburg garden/decor is much better than on St. Mark's but both have equally great food, especially the halloumi cheese! (East Village)

Mancora: Affordable Peruvian - great for groups and sharing, summer sidewalk seating. Ceviche, plantains, whole chicken, tacu tacu, and sangria? Can't go wrong. (East Village)

Llama Inn: New Peruvian place in Williamsburg. Sit at the chef's table and you might score some free food. (Williamsburg)

Amami Sushi: New sushi place in Greenpoint. Wonderful appetizers, great fish quality, good takes on old classics. Very simple, elegant decor. (Greenpoint)

Lot Radio: Best cappuccino in Brooklyn. On a small plot of land where a radio broadcasts out from, mismatched chairs to sit in, and everyone looks a little too cool but really great coffee. (Greenpoint)

King's County Imperial: Modern chinese food, solid ingredients, not greasy, very BK. (Williamsburg)

Sugarburg: Consistent spot - good food, good brunch, good dinner. (Williamsburg)

Suzume: Tasty, small ramen spot. (Williamsburg)

Allswell: Consistent spot - out of this world fries. (Williamsburg)

Battery Harris: Group hang, Caribbean fare. (Williamsburg)

Insa Korean BBQ: Wonderful all around - nice staff. Also... Karaoke. (Gowanus)

Tompkin's Square Bagels: Everyone has their opinions about bagels. If you can stand on a line hungover for 20 minutes, this is your spot. (East Village)

Bagel Boss: Again, might get a lot of thumbs down because they don't serve meat, but this is your classic bagel. David's Bagel right next door gets a lot of loyalty, they've both been in business for at least 10 years side by side. (East Village)

The West: Nice staff, good coffee, little back area. (Williamsburg)

Bakeri: The chocolate chip rosemary sea salt cookies WHAT. (Williamsburg)

B Cup: Cute spot, nice brunch, smoothies, all of it. Cash only. (East Village)

Ciao For Now: Solid, home cooked food. Great cold brew. (East Village)

Ost: Usually crowded, very strong coffee. (East Village)

Blue Bottle: Now too crowded, but gotta love Blue Bottle. (Williamsburg)

Westville: Always in the running, menu rarely changes, sometimes you're just in the mood for Westville, but it's not every day. (East and West Village)

Esperanto: Nice brunch spot, cute outdoor seating. Went for dinner, not the best. (East Village)

Gnocco: Cute Italian place with a nice garden. (East Village)

Black Market: Burgers very good. (East Village)

Hanoi House: New Vietnamese on St Marks - woa. Great ingredients, everything stands out in the cooking. Don't take reservations. (East Village)

Hotel Tortuga: Small Mexican spot on 14th St. Unlimited chips and salsa, need we say more? Arrive with an appetite. (East Village)

Vanessa's Dumplings: Multiple locations, so cheap so good. Such a staple that I know how the burps smell, no joke. (East Village, Chinatown, Williamsburg)

The Loop: Great sushi, just classic Japanese. (East Village)

Tomo: Really quality sushi fish, especially the white tuna. (Soho)

Oasys: Cheap falafels and such, never disappoint. (Williamsburg)

Pho Grand: Oh man! Birthday dinner every year. Affordable, authentic Vietnamese food, perfect for sharing. (Chinatown)

Posto/Tappo etc: Many locations with varying 2 syllable names, great pizza and salads, very consistent. (East Village/Flatiron)

Num Pang: Multiple locations, classic Vietnamese sandwiches. (Flatiron, Chelsea Market, Union Sq, etc)

All of St. Marks Pl: Really fun street full of bars and restaurants.

All bodegas: For sandwiches, and everything you ever need. Best thing about NYC.


Brooklyn Bowl: There are many music venues in NYC, but my favorite is Brooklyn Bowl because it brings in the music I like, is never too crowded, serves awesome food, and I always meet nice strangers through the art of dance. (Wiliamsburg)

Biking everywhere: Rent a bike, borrow it, buy one - biking is a great way to explore.

Walking everywhere: So is walking. I usually tell people to walk through various neighborhoods because there are so many shops to stumble into, it's the best way to see the city and get a feel for the various hoods.

Museums: So many. Pick a few and go.

The Highline: Good to go once, it's cool.

Smorgasburg: People love this, I hate it. It's way too expensive, crowded and overwhelming. If you want the same thing (food stalls and random boutiques to wander in the summer) - go to LIC Flea & Food.

Brooklyn Flea: Nice for gifts and such.

LIC Flea & Food: The Smorgasburg of Long Island City.

DUMBO Boulders: Great deal! $11 to climb + rent shoes all day. Right under the bridge, good vibes, really nice.

Gotham Archery: Fun to take a lesson with a friend/date in Gowanus.

Royal Palms Shuffleboard: After the date then go play shuffleboard...

Brooklyn Kitchen cooking class: Expensive but good gift.

Prospect Park: Park days are the best! Bodega sandwiches, lay out some blankets, drink out of solo cups, bring all the games, then bop over to the Bandshell for a free concert!

Central Park: If you've never been, you gotta go, but if you want to chillll, go elsewhere.

Tompkins Square Park: Get your Tompkins Square bagel and sit in this park and people watch. It is full of weirdos and cute dogs.

Yoga to the People: Donation based yoga studios in a few locations, it's nice if you like vinyasa flow. After work is always crowded.

Brewery tours: There are some, and I've never been to any... but... it's a thing people can do.

Fleur Noire Tattoo: In case you want a tattoo, new shop in Wlliamsburg.

Three Kings Tattoo: I've seen 5 people get tattoos here over the last 2 years. (Greenpoint)

Sing Sing Karaoke: The late night karaoke room you need to stumble into, two locations in East Village.

Those views... the Brooklyn waterfront has good views all day long of Manhattan.

NYC brings some great musicians through, every day, weekend, season - you can see fantastic live music. My favorite spot is Brooklyn Bowl, always bringing in the NOLA funk. This is Tank and The Bangas.

One of the many things NYC has to offer is a multitude of yoga studios. Modo has good hot classes. Yoga to the People is donation based, many offer good beginner deals.

Lots of street art throughout the city - some of my favorites include biking through Bushwick and Williamsburg.

This ginormous girl popped up out of nowhere down in Greenpoint.

Fav cappuccino in all of NYC - Lot Radio - existing on a little triangle of land, where a real radio station pumps out of an old bus, you can sit on mismatched chairs and read the newspaper.

Cooking class at Brooklyn Kitchen. It's pricey but it's delicious.

Biking down Ainslie - NYC is getting more and more bike friendly. Wear a helmet.

DUMBO Boulders.