Israel is one of my favorite countries. It is so small yet so diverse - from the sea coast on the west, to the sea in the south, to the mountains in the east, the desert and craters in the south, rolling hills and fields in the center, it's incredible.

Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities. It is Parisian with subtle, sandy colored buildings and incredible colorful flair in the way of flowers, trees, fashion, art, and sea. People are active all hours of the day, running and biking in the morning, and enjoying coffee and alcohol outside all night. It's comfortably slow and fast paced, and equally expensive and affordable.

I've been to Israel 7 times now, visiting my family and enjoying all parts of the country. I always feel safe because it's unique in the sense that nearly every citizen goes through the army and knows how to react in a chaotic situation, that is rare. While the politics are strong, the history heavy, it can still be a place of comfort, with lots of love, lots of things hand made, lots of pride, and the best damn bread, hummus, za'atar, and fresh figs in the world. Enjoy.

Tel Aviv sits on the Mediterranean coastline, with boardwalks to walk between the port of Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

The entire coastline in Tel Aviv is equip with lifeguards, chairs, restaurants, and work out stations.

The boardwalk is made to enjoy the sand, sea, and sunsets - every day.

It's the perfect scene to watch the sunset basically any and every day. People run and bike the boardwalk.

Flowers in every yard!

Also, so many cats. Go on a cat safari.

Many neighborhoods in Tel Aviv have a European, Parisian feel to them with balconies and plants.

Orange trees are abundant.

The sea gives off enough wind for a healthy boat life and windsurfing.

Sunset over the port.


Enjoy a walk through HaCarmel market, for spices, fruits, vegetables, breads, and more.

Gorgeous garlic.

All the bread... ahh.

These radishes were the size of a hand. No joke.

Fresh teas and spices.

Color vibes in Old Jaffa Port.

Running through Jaffa.

View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa (can walk the whole distance, only 2 miles away)

Subtle sunset in Jaffa.

The flower game was high during the month of April.

Agamon Hula, in the northeast of the country - nice trails to a lake, where birds migrate to each spring.

More flowers.

Viewing down into Syria from atop Mount Bental in the Golan Heights.

This is a fun sign. Sometimes you can forget that you're in the Middle East, and how close everything is!

The UN patrols from above to watch the Israeli-Syrian border.

More views...

More flowers... on the running path in Nahariya.

Check out this guy!!

Roman aquaduct in Caesarea - so old and yet so sturdy.

Hay, Mediterranean.

Almost sunset....

Just one more =)