The Middle East is full of diverse terrain, from the Mediterranean coast, dry deserts to vast mountain ranges, it's a gorgeous and intricate place to visit. Home to some of the best food in the world (in my opinion) and the most contested landmarks of history for a large part of mankind, it is truly a unique place to visit and learn about.

Tel Aviv sits on the Mediterranean coastline, with boardwalks to walk between the port of Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

The neighborhood on Neve Tzedek is home to lots of street art and galleries and beautiful, winding streets.

Tel Aviv is a great mix of European influence on a desert, ocean back drop. Cafe culture is big.

The markets in Jaffa are great - lots of jewelry, scarves, bags, carpets, etc.

Tel Aviv, Israel.

The drive down to Eilat is awesome. Through the Negev Desert, you pass Mitzpe-Ramon, a large crater, and are sandwiched in between brown, red, tan mountain ranges in each direction - viewing the Sinai Peninsula and Jordan.

Eilat has some stellar sunsets, situated on the Red Sea, there is incredible sea life as well as views of Jordan, Egypt and if you squint hard enough, you may even see Saudi Arabia. (maybe).

Petra, Jordan was appointed one of the New UNESCO Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Built by the Nabataeans in approx 312 BC, not much is known about Petra nor the civilization that inhabited it. It is built into the rocks of the desert and can only be entered through tight, winding desert passage ways.

Cat life.

Wadi Rum, Jordan is located in Southern Jordan. "Wadi" means valley and "Rum" means high or elevated. It is a vast sandstone and granite and is also where the movie, The Martian, was filmed.

Seriously cool place to visit.

The contrast of sky to sand was incredible.

A photographer's dream.

Not the best shoes for this type of trek.

For those who have an opportunity to visit Israel, Jordan, or another country in the Middle East, it is inexplicably a fantastic place to explore. As an American, with historical landmarks date only a few hundred years back, visiting Europe is fascinating from a historic point of view. But Jerusalem, Petra, Egypt - the history engrained in these countries is unparalleled. It really reminds you of where we come from as a human race, and helps to make sense of the conflict that surrounds these important places. I look forward to going back next year!