It was a pleasure to speak with Liv Behre, the Founder of Trio, a new co-working concept, as well as the lead of LB Productions, and a passionate storyteller. Her mission is to provide people with a better, growth-driven work day through fitness and wellness. This is her transformative and eloquent story: from journalism, a life-changing Equinox class, becoming a video producer, to finding her footing and launching her own business.

To start, tell me a bit about yourself, your background and how you found yourself launching, Trio, a new co-working concept?
I’m from the Italian part of Switzerland originally, where I was a journalist and film-critic. I came to New York to study broadcast journalism, and stayed.

I took an intenSati class at Equinox, which is a high-intensity cardio, aerobics and martial arts class. During the moves the class speaks out affirmations. This format showed me that fitness doesn't have to be about weight loss, it's about embodying yourself and rewiring your mentality.

This class kicked me off on a personal growth journey. I started working with the founder of intenSati, where I worked for 5 years. First as a video producer, and then as business developer, producing trainings (in person and online) and fleshing out the brand.

One day, the idea for Trio hit me. I went through a B-school program and in the first module before the class started, I was prompted to write down free flowing business ideas. I wanted to create a club that included fitness and co-working. I talked about it with my friends, and the idea of Trio came about. That’s how it started.

Trio is a co-working concept and club that integrates personal growth practices such as meditation, workouts and mindfulness movements into your work day as opposed to an addition to it. It helps members understand how fitness helps to craft a better day instead of as a reward in the beginning or end of your day.

Even though I had the idea, I spent another 3 years working on my own as a video producer for brand videos and online trainings, with the concept in the back of my mind. I re-crafted the idea multiple times, and this summer I decided it was time to take action by implementing a test run through the recent pop-up.

You had your first event in early October. How did it go?

I think it was a huge success across the board, between our audience and our partners. Majority of those who attended were from our network. By the end of the day they were surprised and elated at how they felt. If they could work like this every day or somewhat regularly, it would change their perspective on the work day.

We were hosted at, Her Name Was Carmen. Together we will continue to offer pop-ups on a weekly basis, every Tuesday, starting November 5th!

Is there a larger goal at hand that you’re working towards?
The goal is to open a brick and mortar location for Trio permanently. We hope to attract an audience of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote working corporate employees who want to change their work day.

My mission is to help people unlock their power through truthful self-help.

Liv Behre, Founder of Trio.

You’ve run LB Productions for the last 5 years ago, creating and producing brand videos and online trainings. Talk to me about how you got started.
Freelancing was always my main occupation. intenSati provided me with a very solid network, so when I went off my own, I felt lucky despite it being a scary time. Without a steady income and an expiring Visa, I had to figure out how to stay in the country while going through a bit of an identity crisis, it was difficult to figure out my own brand and goals after years at intenSati.

At the same time, I fell in love with a woman for the first time in my life, so the whole time period was intense. While I built my roster, and worked on Trio - I was able to get in touch with who I am and what my strengths are. That's how you grow in life.

A lot of people are becoming self-employed more and more, there’s a big move into working freelance by choice, what are some words of advice for taking that step?
Do everything you can to keep yourself busy. Working for yourself takes discipline, and it's simply not possible to find clients all day. If you fall into a spiral of depression and hit a wall, go for a walk. If you sit down on your couch... you’ll still be watching Netflix 2 weeks later.

When those periods of time kicked in for me, I tried volunteering, or walking.

What are the biggest rewards to running your own entity?
Having Trio starting is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. I’ve worked steadily on it for years and it came naturally in the end. While I sat it on for 3 years, it took 3 weeks to implement. Once you start, I find things come out quicker. It feels like I have arrived even though the real work begins now. I’m not restless any more.

When I worked at intenSati, I was identifying too much with something that someone else started. Though I worked on it tirelessly, I knew that I needed to bring forth my own creation. If you get to a point where you are unhappy - it’s just a matter of time for you to transition out of it.

Fitness, Liv believes, is not about weight loss, but embodying who you are.

You host a podcast called What Does it Mean? A lot of the episodes mirror the outlook of your work - themes of grounded positivity and fitness. Tell me about the podcast:
The podcast is called What Does it Mean? in which I interview experts on the idea of self care scientifically.

Today, a lot of people treat self care as a luxury, not a necessity. We see wellness quotes all over Instagram. Even if they're grounded in truth, do we really understand what it means to speak to the universe?

My goal with Trio is to delineate from luxury self care, and create an action driven space to demystify the rise of the wellness and self care as an industry. Personal growth is hard work. It’s beyond being kind to yourself, it's also being real with yourself. The podcast comes from the same idea, how can we understand the essence of helping ourselves outside of inspirational quotes and going to a spa?

In season one I spoke to experts, high level spiritual neuroscientists and leaders, to get a better understanding of what it means to raise your vibrations. Season two will be out in November.

And, what are vibrations and why should we raise them?
We are all made out of energy. When you rub your hands together and feel that heat between your hands, that's energy being activated. We emanate energy, good or bad and that's known as your vibration.

Think about the fact that we are made of 90% water. When water moves in the ocean, there’s energy and power, but when water freezes into an ice cube, the energy is low and stagnant. It's the same for our thoughts - negative thoughts keep us stagnant, positive thoughts make us feel fulfilled and activated. We need to increase our movement, just like the water in the ocean, to raise our vibration. That way we can manifest ourselves and connect with others.

I only learned that from my first episode of the podcast! I’m not an expert in all of these fields, but I want to know and understand.

What is your daily self-care routine?
I meditate and work out every day. Whenever I feel like a pick me up, typically at 3:30pm, I do quick and high energy movements, designed to activate the brain. For two minutes I'll jump or move my arms quickly, and it really works. That’s something I have included in Trio for the afternoons.

Are there any companies or brands that you admire for their work in these spaces?
My former boss, Patricia Moreno, at intenSati, revolutionized the conversation around fitness, that fitness can be life changing and not about weight loss. The other person is Lavinia Errico, a co-founder of Equinox, they were the first to merge fitness workouts with a gym.

Check out Trio every Tuesday @ 527 Broome St, NYC, Liv's work, and What Does It Mean?

Check out Trio's next pop up at Her Name Was Carmen in Soho, New York.